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LayoutZone Add-On for Adobe InDesign CS4/5.x/CS6 CC & CC 2014 (Still Free!)

LayoutZone allows multiple InDesign users to work on different sections of the same page simultaneously and with more control. LayoutZone lets you quickly select several InDesign page elements or frames and automatically convert them to a Placed InDesign file (.indd) for editing outside the master document. Once external editing is complete, a seamless round trip workflow automatically converts the linked InDesign file back into native objects. LayoutZone lets you easily export and edit selected elements without changing page geometry for a more flexible collaboration solution. In addition, LayoutZone gives you the ability to export any selection (as opposed to an entire entire page or entire document) in PDF, SWF, IDML, or XFL formats.

Download LayoutZone (62 KB ZIP Archive)

Download LayoutZone Manual (807 KB ZIP Archive)


This script requires Adobe InDesign CS4 or later. It will not work in earlier versions.

Version History

• Version 1.3b5 - CC 2014 compatibility

• Version 1.3b4 - CC compatibility

• Version 1.3b3

• Convert Zone bug fix.

• PNG improved support.

• Version 1.3b2 

• Convert Zone bug fix.

• Export Selection now supports:

• PNG (CS4/CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC)

• interactive PDF (CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC)

• HTML (CS5.5 only)

• Keyboard Shortcuts dialog has now a Layout Zone product area.

• Version 1.3b1 - InDesign CS5 compatibility.

• Version 1.2b6 - Improve Convert Zone reliability.

• Version 1.2b5 - Bug fix. Reinstates correctly the application measurements units.

• Version 1.2b4 - Fixes for problem with Undo Support.

• Version 1.2b2 - Undo support for Assign Zone and Convert Zone.

• Version 1.2b1 - Initial Release.


1 - Copy the file into the Scripts folder inside your InDesign application folder. 

Mac OS 

/Applications/Adobe InDesign [CS4/CS5.x/CS6/CC]/Scripts

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

[Drive]:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign [CS4/CS5.x/CS6/CC]\Scripts


Make sure that the file is at the top level of the Scripts folder, and not inside a folder that’s already there.

2 - Remove any existing LayoutZone folder from the Scripts folder.

3 - Double-click the file to decompress the archive. The archive will decompress into a LayoutZone folder. Inside the folder you should see three folders and the LayoutZone Javascript file.

4 - Delete the archive Launch or restart InDesign to begin working with LayoutZone.


Assign Zone:

Select one or more page objects, then choose Edit > Layout Zone > Assign Zone command.

Convert Zone:

LayoutZone enables you to convert a placed InDesign file back into native, editable objects in the parent document. To use this option, simply select a placed InDesign file with the selection tool, and then choose the Edit > LayoutZone > Convert Zone command.

Export Selection:

LayoutZone also enables you to export a document selection in the following formats: PDF, SWF, IDML, XFL, PNG, Interactive PDF(CS5.x/CS6/CC) and HTML (CS5.5/CS6/CC only).

Choose Edit > Layout Zone > Export Selection >[file format] command.

LayoutZone copies and pastes the selected objects into a new document sized to fit the selected objects, and then invokes the appropriate InDesign export dialog box. Because InDesign’s own export feature is used, all the standard options for the export are available foreach file format.


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